Baxter of California

One of the original men's grooming brands, created by Baxter Finley in 1965. Ahead of the trend and cutting edge for its time, the brand began with a single product, 'Super Shape' a men's skin moisturiser that offered protection from the elements, in particular the sun and sea of the Californian coast. The gender specific approach to skin and hair care blends science and nature created from the ground up. Finley's own dry skin began a revolution in men's skincare from his home in California. The baxter legacy continues with the addition of advanced skin research; this is the evolution of men's grooming. 





New Arrivals from Black Crane

Los Angeles based label, Black Crane, is the love child of Japanese-American designers Momoko Suzuki and Alexander Yamaguchi. A fervent desire to express their Japanese heritage and a deep rooted interest in ancient Japanese culture and identity lead to the creation of the brand whose minimal and edgy designs focus on a silhouette that compliments subtle lines and comfort. All the production processes keep environmental issues in mind from original design, choice of fabric and creation right through to production.








We welcome Shaina Mote to The Stables.

The latest collection from LA based label, Shaina Mote provides timeless and versatile staples for the modern woman. With an emphasis on natural and renewable resources of fibres, the brand emphasises longevity in its choice of natural fibres, its superior construction techniques and a clean colour palette, focusing on black, white and neutral tones to assure lasting significance.

Since debuting her eponymous brand back in 2012, Shaina Mote has built something of a cult following: She launched her knitwear in AW 2015, and that category in particular has gotten a lot of love from customers, who snap up her wares at various cool-girl stockists (Totokaelo, Assembly, Mohawk General Store, and now , The Stables). Largely produced in Mote’s hometown of Los Angeles, her chunky sweaters and slinky ribbed knits have quietly gained steam for the label—but they’re also far from the only thing that distinguishes her placid offerings, particularly in warm-weather seasons.

Mote’s affinity for pattern making is palpable in artful, deceptively simple-looking pieces like her wide-leg wrap trousers—or, one of this season’s most beautiful numbers, a pieced-together midi dress in black and accordion-pleated silk, available in store.

Traditionally the brand’s palette skews toward washed-looking neutrals and one seasonal pop of color. An on trend, off-the-shoulder top hints at a classic kind of femininity, sitting alongside the spare, soigné pieces that she’s known for, the takeaway from this latest SS17 collection is one of quiet strength and polish.













Blank Canvas : Interview with TID

This Thursday the 11th of May The Stables presents TID Canvas; a new collaborative platform where TID invited a selection of designers and artists to interpret the brands iconic No.1 watch, beginning with international design duo 'From Us With Love'. The designers transformed the canvas with their edition of TID Canvas 001, available now in a limited edition of 500 exclusively created watches.

We with caught up with the designers of TID to talk about their latest collaborative project and gain some insight into the creative process behind the designs.


You have created beautiful pieces , where do you draw inspiration from?

Inspirations comes from all over, trips, friends, other brands etc. To take the inspirations into products we have a lot of creative workshops, were we together trying to find out how we can design products that are strong but still simple and in some ways obvious.


How do you begin the design process?

All our design processes starts with a workshop were the full team is included.


How would you describe what you do?


Through products and creativity, we explore the notion of time. From the studio in Stockholm, we obsess over materials and the details of the products and we also see us as a canvas for artist and designers who we invite to explore time in different projects.


Your studio is based in Stockholm, can you tell us more about your neighborhood? Does your local area inspire your work?

The area around Vasastan is quite calm with great restaurants, cozy cafés and bars. Our neighbors are the creative Acne Archive and Our Legacy’s Workshop.


What’s on your bedside table?

I have a small Peperomia in a crock.


What is your favorite way to finish the day ideally? / how do you unwind?

Yesterday when I entered the door one baby tiger and a small unicorn was running towards me. My family help me to live in the present and unwind.





Mothers Day

This coming Sunday is Mother's Day and here at The Stables we believe our mums should be spoiled to thank her for all she's done for us over the years. We've been busy creating the perfect collection of small gifts and brands to brighten up their day this Sunday - from Nanushka bags and hats to Costume National perfumes, RUSSK jewellery and cosy Norse Projects socks, sandals and TID watches, we've got everything you need right here.









The Stables Mixcloud #7

Part 7 of our ongoing mix series. End to end selections with Yacht Rock from Ned Donheny, Japanese musical bliss in Haruko Kuwana, UK soul from Children of Zeus, Tropical funk from the Caribbean, Balearic boogie and house from Moon B and A Vision of Panorama, Broken beat from Peckham's Henry Wu, Future funk from Wayne Snow and much more. As usual it's a blend/mix of tunes from across the globe unbound by genre, tempo or style.

Listen here.

'Into The Wild ' - Nanushka SS17

The latest arrival from Hungarian brand, Nanushka, is a successful follow up to their "Travelogue' Resort collection where the spirit of travel provided inspiration for designer Szandra Sandor.

Shop new Nanushka collection here.

Effortless confidence has always been at the core of the brand's designs placing an emphasis on feminine clothing with a contemporary edge. The SS17 collection sees a focus on crisp cottons, tight stitching, structured silhouettes and  square bags softened by light fabrics, hand-dyed silks and exotic story print on cotton voile. Bohemian characteristics are added with frayed edges, straw hats, handmade bags and sarong inspired draping. 

Built to embody the urban nomad, a woman always on the move, forever in a state of travel, the collection is diverse, practical and easy to wear and love. Created for those who are always on the move, dressed for all occasions from morning until night. 





Second drop of Kloke AW17

Melbourne-based label Kloke is back and ready to grace our wardrobes for fall. The AW2-17 Collection entitled "Boundaries" continues to explore ideas on Astrophysics and Cosmic space.

The collection features a considered colour palette of dark olive, wine, navy, charcoal and bone. The brand has also worked closely with Melbourne-based creative team U-P to develop 2 digital prints. Both prints and cuts of the pieces feature shapes and forms that are an attempt to describe and explain the magnitude of the cosmos. With a focus on progressive ideas and true creative energy, the collection gives a feeling of movement in every piece.

Meet The Designer: Almira Armstrong of Lumira

We took some time out recently to chat with Almira Armstrong of Lumira, the designer and perfumer behind our iconic No.352 candle to talk to her about the inspiration behind her brand. 

Seizing any available chance as a young girl to play with her mother's perfume, it's no surprise that she eventually arrived upon a career that allowed her to use this love affair to her advantage. Each Lumira candle captures the idyllic fragrances of her childhood and her life long affair with beautiful objects.

Choosing to collaborate with only those that share a common appreciation of exceptional quality and an attention to fine details, the Lumira No.352, Leather and Cedar candle was created for The Stables. The candle combines elegance and edginess in its fragrance alongside undeniable luxury. Defined not only by the quality of their ingredients and a meticulous attention to detailing but also by being aware of the subtle differences small details make to our lives. 



Nostalgic fragrances have the power to stir our sensory memory and evoke memories of warmth, familiarity and home. Is there a fragrance in your collection that you personally connect with in particular?

Each fragrance is a tribute to my early travels, capturing vivid personal moments and inspiring a sort of sensory escapism. At the moment, I am really quite taken with our Tuscan Fig - it reminds of those warm summer days in one of my favourite Italian cities. I have it burning consistently, both at home and in the office. Perhaps, it’s a longing for the return of warmer days and nights?


A minimal and sleek aesthetic forms a large part of your product design. From where did this focus on design stem?

Yes – you’re absolutely right. Our focus, primarily, is about creating a unique sensorial experience. First and foremost, this is through scent – our carefully handcrafted fragrances are what make LUMIRA so distinct. However, it is equally important to translate this into our design elements as well. The design of our packaging must speak to that same level of care and thought. We want people burning a LUMIRA candle in their home, or in their office, or wherever it may be, to feel really proud to have our product on display.

You have collaborated with The Stables on the No. 352 Candle. What prompted you to choose the scents of cedar and leather when designing the candle?

No.352 pinpoints the location of The Stables headquarters in Sydney’s Surry Hills - a vibrant inner-city neighbourhood, known for its colourful history and creative flair. I drew inspiration from the brands ethos and surroundings. I grew up in Sydney, so feel very connected to this city. Developing a fragrance, of course, took time, but wasn’t difficult. No. 352 is an elegant fragrance, which combines soft warm notes of leather, with the familiar woody spice of cedar.

What inspires you when you create your range of fragrances? 

For me, fragrances can be very transportive and can have such a significant impact on triggering a memory of a certain time, or certain place. I truly believe that ones sense of smell has that power above all other sense. Creating a fragrance begins with a series of inspirations – whether that be art, design, travel, poetry – but also specific times and places in my life. No fragrance in the LUMIRA collection takes just one particular scent, but rather combines a series of smells that compliment, yet may surprise. I suppose that’s the result when one takes inspiration from cities and places that are such a melting pot of scents and smells.

You have said that your fragrances capture the spirit of travel. Is there a particular scent from your travels which has eluded you or that you hope to capture one day in the future?

Each fragrance I create is a tribute to the adventures I've had around the world. I’ve really tried to distill these moments in time into each fragrance. They have become the essence of some of the exotic places that have left a lasting impression on me. These inspirational locales are also the namesakes of the candles because these candles are meant to evoke a sense of that specific place. They capture vivid personal moments and are meant to inspire sensory escapism. That said, there are certainly moments in my travels where I have been so captured by a scent, and yet have found it difficult to pinpoint. These fragrances remain a work in progress until I can really extract what those smaller notes are. I suppose you could say, watch this space.


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